A Few Committed a Crime, But Many Conspired To Keep the Crime Concealed from You.


Charles Nordby's Story
"Justice Never Felt So Good"

When criminals escape justice, it feels so good when justice catches up with them. 

Enjoy the Story, Enjoy His Justice!

In 1973, Charles Nordby began saving the nearly bankrupted stores called Raley's Supermarkets.

It's quite possible that Raley's became the quickest corporate turnaround in U.S. history.

Because of Charles Nordby they went from being worthless to being worth billions of dollars.

Raley's defrauded Charles Nordby out of everything they promised him. FRAUD IS A CRIME!

Their FRAUD was so carefully devised, they thought they would never get caught. But they did.

They were large advertisers so all the news media hushed their crime so the public wouldn't know.

Then they deceived and convinced some Sacramento religious leaders that this story was not true.

In 1994, Charles Nordby discovers the FRAUD that was concealed from him for all those years.

He files the largest civil lawsuit ever filed in Sacramento County for $592 million dollars.

Against Raley's & Jim and Joyce Raley Teel. Did you hear about it? No the news media hushed it too.

Then they used the largest law firm in Northern California to avoid facing Nordby in the courts.

To do so, their lawyers had to commit fraud as well against Charles Nordby and the Sacramento courts

They knew they couldn't win this case because Charles Nordby never lost a case in court, EVER!

The law firm and it's attorney's were also caught in their fraud as well. The news hushed this too.

Sacramento's top law enforcement all know about this crime of FRAUD by Sacramento's wealthiest.

CA Attorney General Xavier Becerra Sacramento Sheriff Scott Jones & District Attorney Anne Schubert

Fraud is a crime. Was top law enforcement afraid to come against Sacramento's wealthiest family?

The entire wealth & success of Raley's was from a FRAUD against an honest man with 9 children.

Every political leader in Sacramento since 1991 has heard of this crime, and all remained silent.

For More Information Go To: Raleyssupermarkets.com

There you will read a more complete story of Raley's, Jim, Joyce and Mike Teel, the crime that was committed and everyone involved that has made this story Sacramento's greatest success story as well as possibly the greatest business fraud and hoax in U.S. history.  Concealed from you the public, because this is what the "Rich and Famous" in America can do with their wealth.

Help Charles Nordby regain his honor, his legacy and His Justice

By sharing his story and telling everyone you know about it. 



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