A Few Committed a Crime, But Many Conspired To Keep the Crime Concealed from You.

"When the News Media Sensors The Truth from the Public, they then become the "Fake News".

In 1991, The Sacramento News Media began hearing the true story of the Tom Raley success story.

For 15 years since 1976 they were writing a false narative on the new found Raley's success.

For 15 years Raley's may have been feeding the news media false information of their success.

They were making the news media believe that Tom Raley had made a comeback. Tom was clueless.

But the newfound Raley's success and advertising budget was very profitable for the news media too.

So all of Sacramento's news media were "enticed" NOT to tell Nordby's true Raley's success story.

Joseph Farah at the Union said this: "If I print this story they will close my doors in a weeK"

Jack Sirard, The Bee wrote this: "We are not interested in this story at the time"

Today the news media cant write it because they are part of the cover up of this crime of fraud.

This is why you have never read or heard about this story until now. The internet had to be invented

The number of news people who had to hush this story is amazing. The who's who hushing the news.

Coming Soon: The list of anchors, editors, publishers, writers and even investigative reporters....

..all missed a once in a lifetime Pulitzer prize winning story that could have changed their lives.

The news media killed our father's story. Now his story is killing the news media. No story like it

And all of those news people realize now, that they were unknowingly part of a big story.